The Table

IMG_0054-1             The Table. . . . . . . . .  

This is the “big” dining room table in my parents’ home. You can’t tell the true size from the picture.  In this picture, the table is only set for 12. . . it has held many more.  This is the morning after Thanksgiving – the day when so many people, from SO many different places gather around this table to give thanks. . . to break bread together. . . to acknowledge the grace at work amongst them.  This year there were the blood relatives, the relatives from Russia and Ecuador, from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. There were friends from years past, and friends just met.  This is the place where family exists in fullness. . . the table.  Share your table.

I left this table so full, and no. .  not just of turkey and pumpkin pie!  However, I left this table a part of something so much bigger than myself. . . a HUGE family.  As an adult that experienced my parents opening up their home CONTINUALLY throughout my life to literally ALL nations, I can tell you that if you are choosing to knit your heart with people from another culture, welcome them into your home, and share your table with your children and strangers, then you are indeed changing the world.  You are weaving a life full of unique love and hospitality, of warmth and kindness, and of a bigger sense of family than most of the world will ever know.  Keep weaving. . . .        Anna 



Tuesday, 29 November 2016 1:13 PM


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