All you need is love and lemonade

So. . .my family and I are about 3 weeks into our summer and we have already done so much and have been so busy. We have been to Six Flags, the wonderful St. Louis Zoo, splash pads and movies, libraries and parks, story times and trips. However, one of the highlights that they have talked about almost everyday is our lemonade stand.

Our neighborhood always as a huge yard sale every May. My kids were super eager and excited to do a lemonade stand, and I reluctantly agreed. Let’s be honest. . . they make money and I have more work to do- buying and making lemonade, getting together the supplies and setting up the stand, making sure they have plenty of sanitizer, etc. But, they LOVED doing this. They were so proud, so happy. Maybe it was my acknowledging and providing for their need for fun and independence apart from me. I provided an opportunity for them to succeed = my kids felt loved, valuable and important. Wow! They also made money (everyone gave them more than asking price: $.50) and they passed on smiles. Everyone that came to the table had a smile when they left. My kids learned responsibility, people skills, the benefit of hard work, the benefit of team work, how to present and manage a product, and more!

I had no idea when I said, “yes” that such a seemingly small activity could reap such wonderful rewards. I was amazed. I honestly think they were amazed. Summer has just begun and we have deemed it a success.

On top of all of this, 2 of the au pairs in our community did their own lemonade stand with their host kids. What was the result? Smiles and love! Lemonade is loved by most people. Why? I have no scientific evidence, but I believe it is because it is the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Life is full of sour, and finding ways to make the sour things sweet is life skill power at it’s finest. I think it is the most encouraging drink. Go and have some lemonade with your kids!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017 3:57 PM


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